6 tried and tested content ideas for Instagram

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Instagram success largely hinges on the content you share. So what exactly should retailers be posting? Check out these examples and see if you can incorporate them into the social media strategy for your store.

  1. Actionable ideas
    Give your followers ideas they can apply in their lives. Fashion retailers can post outfit inspiration featuring products in-store, using flat lays, store displays or modelled. Try using the hashtag #OOTD to increase traction and reach new followers.

  2. Photos of people your customers admire
    Find out who your customers’ style and fashion role models are. Who do they look up to? Who are they constantly talking about? Figure out the answers and then find images you can post − or work with the role model as an influencer.

  3. Ask the audience
    Asking your Instagram followers questions through posts is a great way to generate engagement and get to know your followers better. For example, ask your followers what they’re looking forward to about winter, engage in the conversation and mention your products where relevant.

  4. Giveaways
    Giveaways are hugely popular on Instagram simply because who doesn’t love free things? If you’re running a contest in your store, let your followers know by posting an image or story. Be sure to provide detail prize details and how to enter.

  5. Timely Instagram posts
    Make sure your Instagram feed keeps up with important events year round. If there’s a special holiday or a particular season or time of year, be sure to acknowledge it with a relevant post. These posts can also be used to promote sales and promotions around holidays or seasonal changes.

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