The Secret is Out: Newgate releases video for debut unisex watch collection

Iconic clock maker, Newgate has unveiled a brand film to celebrate the launch of its first watch collection.

Inspired by British spy films of the forties and fifties, soaring orchestral music and beautiful scenic shots tell a tale of secrets and espionage woven around the brand’s collection of 49 distinctive watches.  

Founder of Newgate, Jim Read hopes the stylish film will serve as an introduction to the brand’s new venture into the fashion arena: “We’ve been making clocks for 25 years now and have grown the business from a very small start up operating out of the back bedroom of our first flat, to the established business it is today, with sales across the globe.

“People look for the Newgate name when making a home timepiece purchase as they know it stands for great design and quality, and having established ourselves in the homewares market, our next challenge is to achieve the same standing within the fashion accessory field. We believe we are making great, design-led products, and our brand film is a chance to showcase that product, along with creating a beautiful piece of film in its own right.”

View the film below.