Above and beyond

How Eskimo EPoS can enhance your customers’ in-store experience 

Retail technology such EPoS and back office systems aren’t usually credited for their ability to improve customer service or enhance loyalty. However, in reality, these are two of the main benefits of many of these system. Any good EPoS should have a detailed reporting suite at the heart of the system. Above and beyond providing general sales figures, it should be able to easily provide the store staff with vital information about returning customers and their purchases. It should also offer intuitive ways of communicating with customers such as email and SMS, allowing retailers to keep them up-to-date with your latest offers and new lines. In today’s data-driven world, taking advantage of the information a well-structured database holds the key to staying one step ahead of your competitors. Imagine a customer returning to your boutique enquiring about a new line you have let them know about. When they walk in you could have access to intimate details on their previous purchases including size, colour and style chosen at the touch of a button. A returning customer being greeted with this sort of knowledge can only be impressed with the personal service you offer through the technology in place in your business. This can only mean enhanced loyalty and an improved bottom line.

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