Australia’s Wolford wins 2014 Innovation award

Australian luxury brand, Wolford, has been awarded 2014’s Voralberg Innovation Award for its Pure 50 Tights, the world’s first bonded tights innovation.

The award was given as part of a gala event at Bregenz Festival Hall earlier this month and honours Wolford’s commitment to brand development, especially in regard to new technologies and workmanship of materials.

“We are especially pleased to receive this prize as it is a symbolic reward for the outstanding achievement of our development department over the past two years”, said board spokesman Axel Dreher. “Wolford has always set benchmarks with technical innovations in the past. As the critical driving force behind the company’s success, they create the core element of our corporate strategy. With the Pure 50 Tights, we have reached yet another milestone.”

Wolford’s Pure 50 tights employ special technology to seamlessly bond the seams to ensure they are invisible even under tight clothing.

The Innovation Award is presented by the Federal Economic Chamber with an aim to raise awareness of innovation by companies within the state of Voralberg.