Betty Barclay



Betty Barclay / Betty & Co / Vera Mont
Celia Pattison-Lora or Marissa McMahon

Betty Barclay International GmbH, Branch UK
10 Whitfield Street, London W1T 2RE. Tel: 020 7580 3577

Betty Barclay
The international mainstream brand with contemporary fashionable design. The brand reflects the spirit, attitude and lifestyle of modern women who enjoy fashion and know their own personal style. Themed programmes with colours and fabrics targeted to regular delivery times throughout the season.

Betty & Co: the modern lifestyle brand.
Betty & Co is pure and minimalistic. With fine details and contemporary style. Betty & Co Grey is young and authentic, with on trend colour harmonies, combinable tops and knitwear and strong fashion basics.

Vera Mont: the perfect outfit for every special occasion.
Vera Mont Soirée: glamorous red carpet gowns for gala occasions as well as modern cocktail dresses for special events. Vera Mont Collection: desk to dinner dresses in clean shapes that can be styled through to the evening and combined with matching accessories.

High quality easy day dresses made of natural fibres for the modern and quality-conscious customer. Smoothly


Show dates & exhibition details for Autumn/Winter 2018

Betty Barclay and Vera Mont:

Showing at: 10 Whitfield Street, London W1T 2RE

Early Fall 2018: Monday 8th to Friday 26th January

Fall 2018: Monday 22nd January to Tuesday 20th February

Betty & Co:

Showing at: 10 Whitfield Street, London W1T 2RE

Programme 1 Early Fall 2018: 22 February – 2 March

Programme 2 Fall 2018: 23-27 April

Programme 3 Late Fall 2018: 25 -29 June

Programme 4 Winter 2018: 30 July – 3 August