BLOG: The Printed Bag Shop on the power of print marketing

In an age of the digital revolution, where we hear the news of magazines moving completely online and more and more marketing budgets being invested on mobile devices, you wouldn’t be alone in thinking that the printed media is nearing the end of its days. However, we here at The Printed Bag Shop believe that print is still one of the most powerful forms of marketing, even in today’s digital world, and that it can actually have benefits over its electronic counterparts.

One of the most obvious but important reasons for continuing to consider print marketing is simply how tangible it is; even though digital content may be more accessible and easier to integrate into our everyday lives, it is also easily lost to the realms of the internet. Print advertisements can be kept in someone’s home or office for an indefinite period of time, and being able to feel a magazine or flyer in their hands automatically makes them more attached to your brand, and therefore your product.

The overt saturation of digital ads that we now experience whenever we scroll down our Facebook feed is also starting to put people off engaging with marketing online; the idea of spam or potentially harmful websites being pushed in front of our faces is actually helping to restore our love of the real thing, of seeing a brand’s campaign in a medium other than on a screen.

As the digital marketplace becomes more and more crowded, less companies are putting money in to print advertising, making it much easier to get noticed by designing a campaign to be positioned in magazines or newspapers. This could even mean a reduction in costs for print ads compared to a couple of years ago, and that your company has a chance to shine.

Of course, magazines and journalism aren’t the only effective forms of print marketing. One of the biggest benefits of turning your branding into a physical thing is how it solidifies your brand identity and raises awareness among the general public, and bespoke printed bags are a fantastic way to achieve that. Putting your logo on such a humble, everyday item means that every time a customer reuses your bag, just like every time they see your print ad on their desk, your business becomes a little bit more visible.

We believe in marketing your business via printed advertisements because ultimately, being able to pick up and feel a piece of a brand makes the customer feel like part of the puzzle too. Our wide range of printed bag products means that whatever your business, and whatever your target market, you can find an appropriate medium for your logo and branding.

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