Boost your business in time for Christmas with our free live stream shopping webinar

Christine Colbert, owner, Dress Cheshire

Boutique magazine is hosting its first webinar next month in conjunction with live stream specialist ELISA. All indies are invited and we’ll be sharing invaluable information on how you can dramatically increase your profits using live videos on social media.

Live stream shopping is a game changer for indies selling online, particularly during the golden quarter. With Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas all just around the corner, tapping into the huge influx of online traffic these events bring will be essential for retailers that want to boost profits during the short autumn/winter selling season.

Selling via live video on Instagram and Facebook means you can potentially reach thousands of shoppers in minimal time while still offering a boutique shopping experience. Many UK indies are already harnessing the benefits of live streaming and are boosting their revenue stream in the process. However, if an indie’s lives generate too many sales for its small team to manage, the retailer can become a victim of its own success. And that’s where ELISA comes in.

The solution makes live shopping easy for both the retailer and consumer. The system’s ‘comment selling robot’ automatically sends product links to viewers, creating a seamless experience for shoppers and simplifying the process for you.

Throughout the live stream, ELISA keeps track of viewer comments and automatically adds orders to customers’ baskets while watching inventory levels. Customers can choose their delivery method and pay online while they’re still watching or after the stream has finished. This means there’s less work for the retailer and a more cohesive buying journey for consumers.

Want to know more? Join Boutique magazine founder Julie Neill and ELISA’s Joris Volmering on Monday 10 October for a free webinar, which will take a deep dive into live streaming and how it can generate extra revenue for indies. Tap here to sign up.




Danish womenswear indie Topshop sells products via its physical store and Facebook. Owner Marianne Degn began utilising live stream shopping during the lockdowns when her store was forced to close. And to keep up with the increasing number of orders, she enlisted ELISA. Her main aim was to gain an overview of sales and automate the administrative process so she could concentrate on other aspects of running the business and create more live events.

STATS: The indie’s most successful live streams have pulled in 30,500 viewers and 10,000 comments. Topshop also sold 1,953 products during just one event, generating two weeks’ worth of revenue in two hours.

RETAILER VERDICT: “We absolutely love ELISA. Our sales and reach have grown more than we could have dreamed of! It’s super easy to use and the support from its team is without comparison. We absolutely recommend using ELISA for live shopping and social commerce.”


Swedish indie Nodge by Nagy doesn’t operate its own online store, but creates extra revenue with live shopping events. Founder Åsa Nagy decided to sell her products via live streams so she could offer a personal service while engaging with many shoppers at once. Thanks to ELISA, the admin is now fully automated as the system manages comments, keeps track of the inventory and shares the correct information.

STATS: Nodge by Nagy has increased its daily customer base from 30 to 100 shoppers while boosting revenue by 50 per cent. The retailer has received as many as 25,000 views during one live event and 9,600 comments.

RETAILER VERDICT: “With live auctions we get more customers both in our physical store and online. Without ELISA, we’d never be able to reach out to so many people – let alone keep up with the messages.”

Dress Cheshire


UK indie Dress Cheshire sells preloved womenswear and accessories both in its physical store and online. Its owner Christine Colbert also hosts live shopping events on Facebook where she can reach both existing and new potential shoppers thanks to the platform’s video-favouring algorithm. By enlisting ELISA, viewers can easily purchase products directly through the comment section as the ‘comment selling robot’ responds to viewers instantly by sending a purchase link.

STATS: The retailer has seen a dramatic uplift in sales, from £1,835 during its very first live sales event to £3,299 in the second and £11,238 in the third live show.

RETAILER VERDICT: “I love using ELISA since it takes care of all the admin work. With live sales, I am not only increasing my revenue, but also keeping my audience engaged with ‘Special Buys,’ which is a price I set for selected items only available through ELISA. People love it!”


WHEN: 10am on Monday 10 October
WHY: Join Boutique magazine’s free webinar to find out how you can boost your business with live shopping. ELISA’s Joris Volmering will present you with amazing stats from independent retailers that are flying high with social selling.