British Retail Consortium “looks forward to working with Labour” following historic landslide

The British Retail Consortium has congratulated Sir Keir Starmer and the Labour Party on their success in the 2024 general election. Labour was victorious in yesterday’s polls, claiming a historic landslide of votes on the back of a dramatic defeat for the Conservatives.  

Responding to the results, Helen Dickinson, chief executive at the British Retail Consortium, says she is optimistic about working with the party on its commitments to reform business rates and tackle retail crime: “The country has made its decision, and we now look forward to getting down to business with the new government. Retail is an important source of employment and investment in every part of the country, and through its scale and reach can make a big contribution to Labour’s policy goals. Finding ways to unlock this contribution over the next five years should be a shared endeavour between the new government and the retail industry.

“Labour’s manifesto made some crucial commitments for retail, from reforming business rates, planning and the apprenticeship levy, to introducing a specific offence for assaulting a retail worker, and we now await the details of how these will be taken forward.

“Labour recognised that the business rates system is broken. With retail paying 22 per cent of the total rates bill while accounting for 5 per cent of the economy, it is the number one thing in the way of increased retail investment which could unlock growth across the economy. So, we look forward to further engagement on the details as the work starts here in turning commitments into delivery.”