Aventures des Toiles

Aventures des Toiles
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Aventures des Toiles is a Ladies designer collection like no other. Each season, it tells the story of an encounter between its designers and seven artists.
Each painting gives birth to a unique group within the collection. In return, each canvas gains the freedom to walk the streets and be shared and appreciated by many.

Aventures des Toiles was born a decade ago from the real passion of FranÁois Gadrey for contempory art.
No business plan or financial gamble in his mind, simply the crazy desire to give life to poetic garments, full of meaning and sensitivity. Following his heart, he alone walks the galleries in search of new artists.
It is the design team in the studio of Avance Diffusion based in Le Creusot, France which gives body to the seven art pieces he has chosen.
Stylists and technicians turn these original works of art into amazing 3-Dimensional creations which women can incorporate into their daily lives.

Retail price point: £ 225 average per outfit
Target customer: all ages for a relaxed life style.


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