Bessie A/S

Bessie A/S
Telephone Number
07802883053 (UK Agent)
Vasekaer 10, DK-2730 Herlev, Denmark
About us

Bessie Jeans was established in 1985 and our mission is today, the same as then.

We want to produce the perfect jeans! Jeans that fit all women, regardless of age and bodyshape, jeans that makes you feel beautiful, free and comfortable. Our jeans philosophy is: fit, quality and comfort.

Did you know that Bessie Jeans is a 100% Italian product. The seamstresses are adult Italians who earn a decent wage and work in an environment that is controlled by EU rules and is in line with the Danish standard. We believe that the people that help us produce our jeans, should be allowed as equally a good life as us. All the laundries that wash our jeans follow the environmental regulations that apply to production in the EU and rinse and reuse the water in the process.

Each season we present two collections, where the focus is on the trends within the fashion industry. Every detail and each fabric is chosen with great care so that you as a customer, get a pair of jeans you can be happy with in years to come.

We produce jeans from size 26 to 36 inches and in three lengths; 30, 32 and 34 inches, with variations from style to style.