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Cybertill provides web-based retail software that allows independent boutiques to manage your business in-store, online and beyond. Cybertill’s integrated retail system consists of Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS), ecommerce, eBay and amazon links, back office software, all of which combine to offer a real time cost-effective solution for retailers.

Cybertill optimises single sales channels or integrates operations across stores, e-commerce and mail order in a flexible and intuitive way.

As Cybertill is web-based this ensures all data is live and can be shared across all sales channels enabling retailers to offer consumers a superior customer experience in store, online and over the phone.

Fashion retailers can take Cybertill with them, as it is web-based, so they can access Cybertill on their tablet, smartphone, laptop etc. So when they are on buying trips, working from home, wherever they may be. This is ideal for independent boutiques allowing owners to manage their business no matter where they are.

Cybertill can also be used on iPads in-store or at events. So boutiques can manage stock, access customer records, basically have a full till system, when selling at events.

Cybertill is a flexible and easy to use system that allows fashion retailers to reduce stock and increase sales.

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