Dutch newcomer on the UK market Eks’kwizit, combines art and fashion in unique clothing for men and women. The brand carefully selects it’s international artists and out of every artwork unique and handmade Tunics, Jumpers and T-shirts are made.
Eks’kwizit is not an average brand, because of the advantages for Retailers. Besides a possibility to order very small quantities (1), Eks’kwizit doesn’t work with seasons. Every two weeks a new artist or artwork is added, making it possible for you to have new and catchy items for your customer regularly. The Tunics, Jumpers and T-shirts are available all year round, with a fashionable and steady fit. Easy ordering and high quality products.
Eks’kwizit is the ideal festival and party brand this year. One to watch! An Eks’kwizit artshirt retails at £49