Jean Gabriel

Jean Gabriel
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0161 728 1803

Designer Collections

This long established company (3rd generation) has finally decided to export
outside of France and let the rest of the world enjoy its beautiful designs.

The quality of fabrics used, the skills in adapting patterns up to a size 30
and impeccable production are the key strengths behind this hugely successful collection.

The size range available is 10 ñ 30.

Average retail price point for outfits £169


An expert and hands-on approach to creating fashionable garments that look and feel just as good in a size 10 up to a size 30 is the ethos behind the company’s designs.
Fabrics are like a living matter with unique properties which evolve and behave differently from one fabric to another.
Especially as today’s fashion trends call for garments to incorporate sometimes up to five different fabrics, it is essential to test all of our designs as the size grid increases.
Prototypes are initially created in a size 14 from which is produced our pattern-grid from size 10 up to a size 20.
At this point we make up a prototype to be tried on a real size 20 model, where the pattern is revised to ensure correct upwards sizing and we repeat this whole process at size 26.
Despite our sales being predominantly in the smaller size range, we take pride in ensuring that our collection will be just as fashionable and comfortable when worn on a fuller figure.

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