Jianhui London

Jianhui London
Jianhui London G20 Regent Studios 1 Thane Villas London N7 7PH

The Jianhui London collection makes a bold statement with designs that echo the power of nature, its beauty and its uniqueness. Jianhui’s love of the natural world also inspired the belief that we must be conscious consumers with respect for our planet & environment.  Sustainability is not a trend for Jianhui London it is at the heart of what the brand stands for. All of the jewellery is made to the highest standards, often using recycled or upcycled materials that would otherwise go to waste.  Kind to the planet and incredibly light to wear.  For every brand, there’s a beginning.

Raised in a poor, rural China, he was named Jianhui – ‘building a splendid life’.  Jianhui was never formally trained in fashion, everything is self-taught.  His jewellery has an urban edge, ayering up the different styles and textures to make an individual look . The brand is influenced by the creative, confident women who wear it.