Oliver Philips

Oliver Philips
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+44 (0)161 713 1803

The collection was first created in 2001 by Olivier Philips which very rapidly enjoyed tremendous growth across French and Export markets to the point where his brand could no longer be sustained by the original structure.

In 2011 Olivier sold the license to his collection to a very well established French manufacturer with the capacity and the necessary production skills to further its incredible success.

Today Olivier can give his full attention to the design and take the collection beyond its original concept of knitwear by adding fabric items to his collection and offer a complete Olivier Philips look!
His genius in playing with colour palettes can be found across all his collections and it is always a delight to display his creations in our showroom!

And… as a welcome bonus, our sources report a minimum sell-through of 70% before sale…