Princesse Metropolitaine

Princesse Metropolitaine

The brand was born in 2010 when the designer, who had already cooperated with important Italian brands decided to start her own collection, with a view to better expressing herself. Consequently, Lodovica Roncoroni, 27 year old, graduate of the prestigious IED in Milan created her 1st knitwear and fabrics collection and has not looked back since.

Soft and comfortable shapes are perfectly matched with fitted dresses and those details which make a piece unique are always present, especially in knitwear. The mix between knit and fabrics is key to the designer’s signature and this combination makes dresses that can be worn from morning to night, always maintaining a casual chic look. Embroideries make part of the collection sophisticated and suitable for any occasion, carrying  from brunch in the fashion district to an easy, chic happy hour in Soho or the Marais.

The contemporary touch is always evident, given from the colour palette chosen; neutral and delicate tones are perfectly blended with stronger and directional hues.

Princesse Metropolitaine ultimately, is a collecton that strengthens the classic concept of the fairy tale because, despite the fast rhythms of everyday life, every woman can write, day by day, her beautiful story.