My Business Hub storms the fashion world

Worldpay chief marketing officer James Frost reveals how My Business Hub can help indies grow their business


“The retail industry is undergoing significant change at the hands of the digital revolution. This is nothing new. Neither, mind you, is talking about EPoS payment systems or Amazon Go’s walk-out technology. However, when combined and considered with the fashion industry in mind, things get interesting. Could this technology disrupt the shopping experience in indie boutiques or will we always want some kind of human interaction with such tactile purchases?

“Shoppers are increasingly demanding and expect access to everything immediately. Patience is on the downturn and convenience is key. There’s a requirement to look at the broader implications of payment systems beyond the intention only for speed and convenience. Worldpay understands that as a boutique owner you need time back so you can focus on growth and customer service. My Business Hub – an intuitive all-in-one tablet-based point-of-sale solution – gives indies the opportunity to think differently, disrupt and shake things up.

“Worldpay’s attention is on the amazing fashion independents that bring the UK’s towns and city streets to life. Payment systems aren’t usually credited for their ability to grow business, improve customer service or enhance loyalty. However, with My Business Hub, you can reclaim the time you spend cashing up so you can get back to what you really love doing. Our customers were telling us that they struggle on a daily basis with the administrative burdens that come with running a business. It was distracting from their focus on growth and customer service, and so we struck upon the idea.

“Beyond payment solutions and general sales figures, My Business Hub provides indies with vital information about repeat customers and their purchases to create product catalogues. It offers intuitive ways of promoting your business with customers, such as by email or social media, allowing indies to keep them up-to-date with offers and new collections.

“In today’s data-driven world, taking advantage of the information My Business Hub holds helps you stay ahead of the curve. Imagine a customer returning to your boutique enquiring about a new line you have let them know about online? When they walk in you could have access to their purchase history at the touch of a button. A customer being greeted with this sort of knowledge can only be impressed with the personal service you offer through the technology in place in your business. This can only mean enhanced loyalty and an improved bottom line.”


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