CAPRICE modellers start to print first self-developed 3D soles

On Thursday, June 22nd  2017 CAPRICE has started into a new era of model development.

A new 3D printer equipped with two spray nozzles produced a sneaker sole designed by the modellers.


The printer allows the production of prototypes directly in the development hall in Pirmasens, Germany.

Thanks to its precision, the smallest accessories, heels, soles and even entire shoes can be printed on the spot.

Two colors and two different materials can be used simultaneously to guarantee the best result.


An integrated camera inside the 3D printer, allows to monitor the whole process at any time using mobile devices.


“By using the new 3D technology, we expect a tremendous acceleration in our development process and greater design freedom for our designers,” said Jürgen Cölsch, managing director of CAPRICE.