Clothes for Charity seeks to stamp out bogus clothing donation scams


Indies and small businesses across the country will no doubt have had some dubious collection bags drop on to their doormat, and for any that are offering to collect unwanted clothing for charities, it can be confusing as to which are the real deal and which are scams.

With bogus charity collections estimated to cost UK charities up to £50m every year, Clothes for Charity provides a safe, secure and simple way to donate clothes and raise money for charitable causes.

Amidst stories of bogus collection bags and other charity collection scams, Clothes for Charity’s online donation service offers a guarantee that clothing donations and subsequent money raised will go straight to a selection of charities that have been hand-picked by donors.

Branded bags, personal collections, email confirmations and a transparent process all go towards reassuring donors that their clothes and donations will be used for good, with £200 per tonne going to the cause they have chosen.

Sophie Bell, senior account manager of Clothes for Charity, says, “With many of the bags that land on our doormats on a weekly basis, it can be difficult to determine whether a scam is taking place. Once donors send off that bag full of clothes, they have no idea where it will be going and what will be done with the money raised from it. At Clothes for Charity we are seeking to dispel this element of mystery from the donation process, reassuring donors every step of the way that their clothes and their donation will get where it needs to go, rather than ending up in the wrong hands.”

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