Deryane Tadd appears on Sky News to support Small Business Saturday

The Dressing Room founder Deryane Tadd appeared on Sky News this Small Business Saturday during a live interview broadcast from the St Albans store.

Speaking about the importance of supporting local retailers, she answered questions from the studio news readers about the challenges of running a small business and the benefits of taking part in nationwide campaigns such as Small Business Saturday.

She told reporters: “Small Business Saturday has been going for about six years now and we have supported this since day one and the awareness has grown. Each year we have noticed double figure increases and we do find customers venture out to find their small businesses. It’s great that such a big corporation like American Express backs the Small Business campaign as it makes people realise that it is important to shop small and to support your small local businesses.”

Tadd is set to attend a reception at the House of Lords this week as an ambassador for Small Business Saturday.

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