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Extravagance Limited T/A Sarah Pacini
Ground Floor, 16-19 Eastcastle Street, London W1W 8DA Tel: 020 7636 1280


Sarah Pacini
The inspiration for AW17 . “ Make the invisible , visible”.
Sheer creativity builds a bridge between the invisible and visible. A new inspiration gives way to a quest for renewal with abstract suddenly becoming tangible. We continue to write our story. Yesterday and today mesh together leading us to shining tomorrow for our brand.

The AW17 collection reveals playful aspects in trompe-l’oeil, ensuring the magical harmony and the continuity of our dreams. Turn your life into a dream and make your dream come true.
The knits amaze us and transform on a whim. Some styles
turn into ornament, like a jewel delicately set on the shoulders. Innovative yarns add new textures to the collection. Styles are fluid and move like a breeze. Patchwork effects, curly wool, pleated or jacquard designs contribute to the distinctive signature knits as well as the Sarah Pacini silhouette of AW17.


Show dates & exhibition details for Spring/Summer 2018

4th floor  Room 405 Liberty House – July 17 – 25th August



Extravagance Limited T/A Sarah Pacini
Tel: +44(0)207 636 1280
Email: nazma.c@sarahpacini.com
Contact: Nazma Chaudhry