The festive buying journey


Your Christmas merchandising should evoke an emotion within Your Customers and encourage them to buy

With Christmas around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about beautiful, innovative displays that draw your customers in and entice them to buy. Your visual merchandising doesn’t have to be about fairy lights and tinsel but can instead focus on telling a story and drawing your customers to the products you want them to purchase. We have a few tips that will ensure you get the best return from your efforts.

Avoid overwhelming the customer

A beautiful, multi-sensory experience might work well if executed properly but, usually, it’s best to keep things simple. Consider what action you’d like a customer to take as a result of seeing a certain display and work back from there. If you’re trying to get a customer to buy a specific product, for example, you don’t want that coupled with eight other displays trying to get them to buy something else. is could lead to indecision, which doesn’t help fulfil your goal.

Keep your displays simple and don’t go over-board with the lights

While lighting is a key part of any Christmas display (just look at Harrods), keep it simple. Your store needs to be recognisable so an over- the-top display can often undermine your usual aesthetic. Keep displays simple and always consider your goal. Going back to the point above, a single display or group of displays shouldn’t confuse a customer.

Make sure your ideal customers feel at ease

A relaxed customer will linger longer in your store, picking up more items as they go. The whole customer experience needs to be seamless as you guide them around your store. Your displays should speak to your ideal customer and make them feel good as these emotions turn into purchases. You can play on the emotions that Christmas evokes, it might be the joy of dressing up for a party or the happiness one feels when the family is all together.

Think about your ideal customer and the things they love, you can create striking displays around this that are not only practical but evoke the right emotions too.