Five Reasons to come to the Retail IT event

This year’s Retail IT event will be held in the afternoon of October 19, at the China Exchange on Gerrard St in Central London. Entitled “How Growing Retailers can Harness Technology to Compete With Larger Chains”, the event includes presentations and panel sessions from us, Purenet, Drapers, Intersport and Sir Clive Woodward.

Here are five reasons you should be there…..

Keep up to date with retail trends and opportunities

We are confident attendees will learn something new from the Retail IT event and leave full of knowledge and insights. We are also confident that some of these insights are easily actionable and can make a genuine difference to your business. If you’re a retailer that thinks you cannot compete with the likes of Amazon, John Lewis, Sports Direct and the like, this event will help you to understand the ways in which you now can – by harnessing technology.


You will be hearing from a knight of the realm!

I recently heard Sir Clive Woodward addressing department store owners at an AIS conference. All those in attendance were captivated by his stories, delivery and, most pertinently, his sensible advice around how making small changes to your business approach can yield significant results. When most people think of Sir Clive Woodward they obviously think rugby and not retail….however we believe this inspirational leader and motivator will provide attendees with food for thought about how they can improve the performance of their retail operation.


It’s free to attend and it’s in a stunning venue

That’s right, the Retail IT event is completely complimentary and that includes refreshments. We’ve all been to events that cost hundreds of pounds and felt short changed – again, we can assure you this won’t happen here. All we ask of you is to give up a few hours of your time – we guarantee it will be a worthwhile investment. There will be well stocked bar offering complimentary drinks and snacks to ensure you are not thirsty or hungry.


We don’t do pushy sales 

How many events have you been to where all the presenters do is talk about themselves, their services or go on about their clients? That’s not going to happen here. The two presentations from Retail IT are designed to provide insights and advice on areas that can benefit your retail business. We’ve also ensured that presentations from partners are not about pushing their services. Yes the software we supply and develop will be on view, but that will be positioned in a corner of this great event space, for you to take a look at, should you wish, during the break or before and after the presentations.


Sneakily use this event for your own benefit!

As well as some of the areas mentioned above, feel free to use this event as a team bonding / learning exercise. We welcome teams from retailers so bring your colleagues along. If you’re looking at ways to stimulate new ideas for your business, this could be a great way to sow some creative seeds. Why not combine it with some team drinks or a meal? The Retail IT event is staged in the heart of Chinatown. Or use our event to network with a number of other retailers.


We hope to see you there. For the full agenda and to reserve your spaces click here. Alternatively you can sign-up via our Eventbrite page, or you can email