Five ways to use retail technology to boost your business this season

Three Software’s Rob Finley reveals some top tips on increasing sales this Christmas… 

  1. Stock availability

While it might sound obvious, ensuring you have the correct sizes and colours in stock is essential. A good EPoS solution will provide data on everything you’ve sold this year so you can ensure that the best possible size matrix is available and on display.

  1. Loyalty and Customer Tracking

Remember your business is valued on its customer base, so why wouldn’t you want to keep them loyal? Update customer details on your EPoS system and issue loyalty cards, send e-receipts and offer easy returns and credit notes. Doing so will only improve your service.

3. Gift Vouchers and Gift Cards

A good EPoS system will help you issue vouchers or cards and then manage their redemption. But a proper fashion EPoS system will understand that you issue vouchers and don’t sell them – the transaction only takes place when they are redeemed.

4.  Online Integration

It’s really important to have your e-commerce site properly integrated into your EPoS system. Stock levels need to be across online and store levels and your customer base needs to be synchronised, too.

  1. Returns

Make processing online returns as easy as possible for your customers. Offer a straightforward method and – if possible – get them into your physical store. That way it’s much more likely that they’ll buy something else. Plus, it will create a better overall experience than having to queue with everyone else at the Post Office.

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Photo by Ben White on Unsplash