Who’s Next x Premiere Classe announces new accessory-focused strategy ahead of January 2017 show

This season globally renowned ready-to-wear Parisian trade show Who’s Next and multi-accessory trade show Premiere Classe are back at Porte de Versailles.

January’s edition (20-23) will see the shows launching a new theme – Girl Squad – celebrating the creative force of the female form. Presenting a revised offering through a selection of exclusive brands and pop-up stores, special guests, unique scenography and expert content, the show retains values that have been central to its ethos since it began: creativity, engagement, freedom of expression, fun and team spirit!

Along with a theme of female empowerment, organisers are placing accessories back at the centre of the exhibition. Premiere Classe will now be located in Hall 3 and surrounded by the five ready-to-wear areas of Who’s Next. Show director, Sylvie Pourrat, explains: “Premiere Classe’s concept is quite unique, it is the only multi-accessory trade show in the world and its visitorship is very different from the one you see at specialised trade shows. In addition to accessory buyers, a lot of fashion buyers come to Premiere Classe to complete their ready-to-wear selection with shoes, bags, jewellery and lifestyle products. The fact that Premiere Classe takes place at the same location and as Who’s Next is perfectly adapted for buyers who want to build a transversal offer, matching with new consumption behaviours.”

This acknowledgment of new consumption behaviours and an offering that stands apart from the traditional saw Who’s Next x Premiere Classe extend its VIP buyers initiative to UK retailers last September. In collaboration with Eurostar, a selection of UK buyers were personally invited to experience the show. Emma Anderson, contemporary buyer for Harvey Nichols, comments: “I’ve never been to Who’s Next x Premiere Classe before but was keen to see the offer. I’m mainly looking for newness. There are brands we already work with and are some super interesting new brands too.”

Positioning retailers and buyers as top priority, the show is keen to support this angle of the business: “The initiatives linked to research solutions for the retailers are our top priority,” says Pourrat. “The Who’s Next and Premiere Classe trade shows have to be a business tool and have to respond to the changing needs of the market. The ways of purchasing and distribution are changing. It is imperative that we support our buyers throughout these adjustments. For a number of seasons, we have developed a space dedicated to the world of retail: the Retail Expert Club (REC). Here buyers are able to gain free consultation from the retail experts for all their business problems.”
Around the powerful theme of #girlsquad, Who’s Next and Premiere Classe are innovating and recreating themselves in order to offer a unique and complete experience.

Discovering new talent is part of Who’s Next and Premiere Classe’s DNA: giving a voice to ambassadors that are building today’s and tomorrow’s world is part of its organisers’ mission. Fashion is a result of cultural changes: Who’s Next and Premiere Classe are highlighting all types of ambassadors, whether they’re involved in the music, food, art or any other cultural industries.

Many surprises are in store from #girlsquad at Who’s Next and Premiere Classe.



WHEN: 20-23 January 2017

WHERE: Paris, Port De Versailles

TICKETS: Pre-book tickets for 42 (€58 on the door); Whosnext-tradeshow.com