Global online fashion sales begin to show signs of recovery, suggests weekly tracking data

Fashion sales experience growth for third consecutive week

New global tracking data released by Signifyd reveals that online Fashion, Apparel and Luggage sales grew by 11 per cent week-on-week in the seven days to Monday 13 April 2020. Its weekly Ecommerce Pulse represents transactional and behavioural data from 10,000 merchants in over 100 countries.

Fashion sales in particular have taken a battering since the coronavirus pandemic took hold, with consumers choosing to stock pile essential items and buy more products that might enhance an extended period of staying at home. The latest figures suggest that the category is experiencing some recovery.

Elsewhere in the findings, both the Luxury Goods and the Beauty and Cosmetics categories had strong weeks, growing by 35 per cent and 32 per cent respectively. Leisure and Outdoor also grew by 3 per cent and Electronics by 2 per cent

At the other end of the spectrum, Consumer Medical Supplies and Supplements (down 10 per cent) and Consumer Packaged Goods (down 15 per cent) suffered the most in the week just ended. The figures suggest slowed growth following consumer stock piling of health products and toilet rolls.

Overall, the seven-day period showed continued strength in e-commerce spending. Sales were up nearly 50 per cent since the last week of February, a week that serves as a benchmark being before shelter-at-home policies started rolling out in Europe and the US.

Signifyd is a global leader in e-commerce fraud prevention technology and is tracking global data in its weekly Ecommerce Pulse.