Happy to break the rules to develop gorgeous satchels

Rules are made to be broken. And that’s just what we have done to create the gorgeous satchel you can see here. Rather than the rigid shape we have become accustomed to (and in response to customer requests) we have taken the design forward and created this beautifully soft satchel.

Supple and yielding, the leather is slightly ‘mottled’ giving both texture and a slightly distressed feel while still retaining the satchel’s iconic shape, and as you can see, the satchel is robust enough to support itself. We also opted to use brass clasps which we think enhances the quality of the overall look.

A Bit About Us

The Original Satchel Store is a young design and quality driven company completely committed to producing high-quality satchels at competitive prices. All our satchels are made by hand in England – and always will be. We will not ship our production overseas and we don’t understand why others would even consider it.

We pride ourselves on being accessible and very easy to work with.

Soft and supple leather satchelYou can find us at www.originalsatchelstore.co.uk or you can email us at info@originalsatchelstore.co.uk