Holiday Hot Shop | Holster High Summer 2015

jelly shoes from holster

Holiday season is upon us so now is the time to make sure you are fully stocked on colourful beach and resort wear, ready for those last-minute pre-packing buys.

The Sunrise to Sunset collection from Holster blends design and quality with superior comfort to offer the ultimate in summer footwear. Available on short order, the collection is perfect to lend a splash of colour to in-store holiday shops.

Australia’s must-have jelly brand has taken a trend-led direction to high summer with safari inspired insole prints and jewels, edgy glam-rock studs, glamorous jewels, glittery finishes and luxurious handcrafted glass beaded trims. A full spectrum of bold shades and earthy natural hues are available, allowing you to offer your customers a colour for every occasion.

Based in Australia’s Noosa Beach, husband and wife team Natalie Miller and Ben Nothling have been designing and producing innovative women’s and children’s jelly footwear collectively for 16 years. Former Miss Universe Australia (2012) Renae Ayris is the official ambassador for the new collection.

WS £8-£21; Tel: 07436 091 060