UK Tights uncovers the nation’s hosiery shopping habits

UK Tights, one of the world’s leading hosiery websites, has revealed the nations’s big spenders and thrifty savers when it comes to their customers’ hosiery shopping habits.

According to UK Tight’s data, collated from the sales of tights through their website in 2015, Scotland’s East Lothian is officially the high end tights capital of the UK, with customers there spending almost five times more on tights than residents of the Welsh County of Bridgend, who are at the other end of the scale with the most sales of lower priced tights.

The Cheshire-based company attributes metrics such as East Lothian’s proximity to pricey capital Edinburgh, a high proportion (42 per cent) of the population in director/manager or professional positions and an average hourly pay of £13.89 (compared to Bridgend’s £11.97) as likely to be influencing buying habits in the area.

UK Tights’ customer research also indicates that people no longer buy hosiery because they haven’t waxed their legs or because of the cold weather. Instead, women (and men) of the UK now spend their money on quality hosiery.

Wolford is UK Tights’ best-selling brand in term of sales, whilst their most expensive brands, Trasparenze and Oroblu, start to sell out before UK Tights have even had the chance to promote them – due in part to celebrities like Alexa Chung and Naomi Campbell sporting them at events.

In light of the recent findings, the technical team at UK Tights has implemented a new feature for hosiery fans to vote for their county as the most hosiery-friendly,.

Johnathan Barber, technical director of UK Tights explained:”We want our customers to get involved in the league, and get them to support their county as online ambassadors by voting online at our website The county with the largest number of votes will be named Winner of the Hosiery League 2016.”