How ELISA helps make live streaming easy and profitable for boutiques

Since the beginning of the pandemic, live streaming has become a popular way for retailers to interact with their customers. And shoppers are embracing the technology, as recent data suggests 70 per cent of consumers in Europe have already explored or are open to trying live commerce. 

Many womenswear indies in the UK are reaping the benefits live shopping brings, streaming regular videos on social media to showcase new products and drive online sales. For shoppers, watching live streams is a way of connecting with their favourite stores without leaving the front door. Viewers can ask questions during broadcasts and the person hosting the event can react directly, creating a personalised experience that’s akin to an in-person interaction.

But despite its benefits, live stream shopping isn’t always a seamless process. For the retailer, keeping up with answering numerous questions from viewers and then processing manual orders can be a tall order – especially if you have a small team. Shoppers, meanwhile, can quickly lose the momentum to buy if they’re directed to a homepage, inbox or telephone number that doesn’t allow them to make an instant purchase.

Luckily, new UK launch ELISA offers a viable solution that makes live sales easy for both the retailer and consumer. Its ‘comment selling robot’ automatically sends product links to your live video viewers, creating a seamless experience for shoppers and simplifying the process for you. And it can be used for live streaming or shoppable videos on Facebook and Instagram.  

Set-up is simple: retailers click a button to connect their social media channel to their ELISA account before setting up the products and offers they want to promote. Throughout the live stream, ELISA keeps track of viewer comments and automatically adds orders to customers’ baskets while watching inventory levels, so the retailer doesn’t over sell. Customers can choose their delivery method and pay online while they’re still watching or after the live stream has finished. This means there’s less work for the retailer and a more cohesive buying journey for consumers.

There are already hundreds of retailers using ELISA all over Europe – and they are reaping the rewards. After each live event, ELISA says its customers are experiencing increased sales – both online and in their physical stores. The majority of its users have reported a 10-100 per cent increase in revenue six months after implementing live shopping as part of their strategy. Plus, 95 per cent are pulling organic traffic from their social channels to their websites with the help of ELISA, meaning they’re saving costs on paid advertising.

ELISA’s graphic overlays

Research suggests that brand engagement is higher for live stream sales compared to other marketing and sales channels. Danish data indicates that 85 per cent of viewers expect to make a purchase after watching a live event.

Success stories include Danish plus-size fashion specialist PlusPige, which turns over £1.3 million each year on live sales alone. The independent retailer uses ELISA’s creative graphic overlays during its live Facebook videos to highlight key products and prices. Each of its live streams pulls in around 25,000 views and 17,000 comments, which, for a team of 14 people, wouldn’t be possible to manage without ELISA. 

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