How Futura can aid your business’s transition from multi-channel to omni-channel

Omni-channel is one of the biggest developments in modern retail. But what is it and what does it mean to you as an independent? If you sell your goods through several channels – such as a traditional bricks-and-mortar store and online – you can already describe your business as ‘multi-channel.’ But these might all run as separate entities – so items purchased in stores can only be returned in store, and sometimes online orders cannot be returned in-store. As a customer, your online interaction with the retailer is completely separated from your offline interaction. The ambition of omni-channel retail is to ensure the customer experience is no longer separated and is completely seamless. Futura’s EPoS and retail management system centralises and improves core retail processes, including stock allocations between store and web, merchandise planning, customer data capture and reporting. It can provide all users across your business with a real-time view of stock availability and sales performance to avoid lost sales and deliver a consistent, high quality shopping experience. You can easily allocate stock to web or catalogue sales for order fulfilment and raise purchase orders automatically to simplify the fulfilment process. It’s even possible to ring-fence stock for different parts of your business with virtual locations, ensuring customers are never sold online items that are unavailable. In short, Futura can provide seamless integration between all your channels with product management, purchasing and reposting managed in one place – freeing up precious time to deliver great customer service.

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