How one boutique has increased its online revenue by 40% without a transactional website

Live stream shopping is becoming big business for UK womenswear indies. Through broadcasting live video content on social media, retailers are able to replicate a similar experience as shoppers would receive in-store while reaching thousands of potential customers.

Take Swedish womenswear indie Kenja, which sells handpicked clothing and accessories at its physical store and on social media. It currently operates without a transactional website but has a large following on Facebook and Instagram. Implementing live streams has proved to be a successful strategy: 40 per cent of its total revenue now coming directly from live sales while it has also increased footfall at its bricks-and-mortar store.

Owner Anneli Lohmeier attributes part of the store’s success to Easy Live Sales’ ‘comment selling robot’ ELISA. With the system’s automated messages, cart and checkout, Kenja can focus on building a strong community with their viewers while it takes care of the administration side.

Kenja owner Anneli Lohmeier

Kenja goes live on Facebook every Tuesday and broadcasts shows that can last up to three hours. Anneli easily sets up the events on Facebook and in ELISA and is then ready to go live. The rest of the process is completely automated.

When a customer wants to buy a product, they write a comment on the video as instructed by Anneli and her colleagues. They will then instantly receive a confirmation in Facebook Messenger that includes a link to a shopping cart with the desired product already added. From there the customer can choose between store pick-up or shipping and can pay easily via Swedish mobile payment system Swish. Kenja does not even require a webshop for the transaction.

“Going live with ELISA is much easier than I ever anticipated,” says Anneli. “That is why we go live every Tuesday night – and if I had more time on my hands, we would do it even more often.

Results and achievements

Since Kenja started going live with ELISA, 40 per cent of the store’s total revenue is generated from live sales. And that does not even include the increase in sales in the physical store, which it says is also a result of the live shows.

The store’s lives attract as many as 7,100+ viewers and 2,400+ comments in one single live show. The comments consist of direct orders, follow-up questions about the clothing, and friendly small talk among the viewers. Facebook’s algorithm favours content with a high level of interaction and many comments, contributing to even greater exposure. Therefore, the live shows are not only seen by existing customers or followers – they also reach many potential customers too.

“Everyone should go live, that is the simplest way I can put it,” she says. “Thanks to ELISA, 40 per cent of our total revenue now comes from live sales. I am so grateful, because without ELISA, Kenja would really have suffered from the tough conditions during the pandemic.”

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