How Roo’s Beach founder Roo Cross is navigating her business through the coronavirus crisis

“The Easter holidays would normally be a peak time for us”

What precautions are you currently taking for your staff?

Our physical store is obviously closed as well as our little coffee shop, so none of my staff have to come in and can safely stay at home. Since we have a fantastic online presence, my staff can work from home, keeping our website and social media going while I post deliveries and answer any enquiries from the shop. So far it’s working out well!

Are you still shipping to the UK?

We certainly are and people are in need of a little sunshine while they stay indoors right now, so we are pleased to continue delivering our ‘happy clothes’ direct to them.

“At least the sun’s keeping us upbeat and as long as we can stay afloat online, we will survive.”

How has Covid-19 negatively affected your business?

The Easter holidays would normally be a peak time for us as we see such an influx of people coming to Cornwall, so we will definitely see a decline in sales and brand awareness during this time. Our little coffee shop is usually chockablock too when the suns comes out, and so far this week we’ve experienced summer-like weather, so it’s ironic that we are all in shut down. At least the sun’s keeping us upbeat and as long as we can stay afloat online, we will survive.

Tell us about the Roo’s Beach ethos?

Established in 2013 by founder Roo Cross, Roo’s Beach is an independent fashion and lifestyle retailer based on the beach in Porth, North Cornwall, that allows you to be influenced and inspired, to reinvent yourself, feel great and have fun. Find an eclectic mix of stylish fashion, footwear, accessories and lifestyle products from brands such as American Vintage, Levi’s, Free People, L.F. Markey, Portuguese Flannel, Veja, BeckSöngeraard, Baggu, Wouf and many more. With a sunshine-filled outlook, the Roo’s Beach signature style for both women and men is casual, unstructured, colourful, young at heart and fun!

Why is it important for people to support small businesses through Covid-19?

We’ve worked so hard to build up the business over the last 7+ years, a lot of blood, sweat and tears have gone into it, and the amount of people that love what we do, staff included, cannot see it disappear over night. So it is important to support small business during this tough time, we are a tight community and we regard our customers as friends. People come to us for the pre-selected edit that we curate, it takes the decision-making out of the equation and people trust our judgement. You don’t get that with the high street and everyone’s going to need this even more to help them get through what is going to be probably the toughest challenge we’ve ever faced globally.