How to grow your business using retail’s latest technology

The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning holds great promise for smaller fashion retailers. Now equipped with easy access to technology and tools, smaller teams can effectively compete with their larger rivals. New technologies are integrating AI into every aspect of retailing. Chatbots provide efficient customer service, automated online merchandising and smart recommendations aid online sales, intelligent marketing tools can now personalise customer communications while back-office forecasting and purchasing aid the general running of the business. Retailers, however, need to carefully consider how these technologies can help them gain an advantage. Leveraging the emotional aspect of fashion retailing remains key, and when combined with the skill of the retailer in using technology to assist them in identifying and embracing opportunities with their customers, retailers can achieve a perfect blend of automation and experience. As specialists in online retail, the team at Paraspar is well positioned to help customers identify opportunities in online merchandising and provide tools to help grow their businesses. For more information Tel: 0208 238 5860 E: