Introducing key menswear brands: QIVIUT & CO

QIVIUT & CO is a new brand taking the luxury outerwear sphere by storm. Their flagship debut product: ‘The Qiviut Jacket’ is a lightweight yet ultra-warm down coat with a difference. Its thermal prowess is the result of a unique and hard-to-source filling called qiviut: hair from the Arctic Musk Ox.

The Arctic Musk Ox is an extremely scarce mammal that survived the Ice Age and is today found in only three of the harshest climates on the planet: Alaska, northern Canada and Greenland.

Lightweight, comfortable and resilient: versatility is one of its key assets. With its slim profile and unsurpassed insulation qualities, from the city to the slopes, The Qiviut Jacket is the smart choice for the refined men and women of the world.

Only 500 gender-neutral limited edition jackets have been produced, each with a certificate of authenticity identifying the jacket number.


CONTACT: Tel: 0800 840 3958/