Is this the future of fashion buying? City Goddess unveils AI-powered app that improves product selections

Wholesaler City Goddess is harnessing the power of artificial intelligence with the launch of its new Fashion Boutique Chatbot app. The innovative tool will give buyers access to personalised trend suggestions, sales tips, smart product recommendations, styling advice and insights into social media trends from their devices.

Created using cutting-edge AI technology combined with industry expertise, the new launch – set for release this autumn – will deliver a comprehensive suite of functionalities tailored to the unique needs of independent boutiques

According to the fashion wholesaler, the app will “revolutionise the operations of independent boutiques” and “bring a new era of sales and profitability to the ever-evolving fashion industry.”

“ is thrilled to introduce the Fashion Boutique AI Chatbot application, empowering independent boutiques with the support they need,” says CEO Yathu Kanagaratnam. “Having closely collaborated with over 2000+ boutique owners, we deeply understand their challenges and are committed to equipping them with the necessary tools to thrive in a highly competitive market. Our chatbot app offers personalised recommendations and valuable insights to help boutique owners drive sales, maximize profits, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.”

Kanagaratnam adds: “ has always been dedicated to supporting independent boutiques, and the Fashion Boutique Chatbot application is a testament to this commitment. The app aims to level the playing field by providing independent boutique owners with the same powerful tools and insights enjoyed by larger retailers, enabling them to thrive in the dynamic fashion landscape.”  

Key features

  • Trendy Product Suggestions: Curated recommendations based on market trends and boutique inventory to keep boutique owners ahead of the fashion curve.
  • Sales Tips and Tricks: AI recommended advice and strategies to supercharge sales and enhance customer engagement.
  • Smart Product Recommendations: AI-powered suggestions based on historical data and customer preferences, optimising inventory management and improving sell-through rates.
  • Styling Suggestions: Personalised fashion advice and outfit recommendations for various occasions, ensuring boutique owners can provide exceptional styling guidance to their customers.
  • Social Media and Industry Trends: Insights into social media trends and industry buzz, empowering boutique owners to align their marketing strategies and stay ahead of the competition.

To learn more about the Fashion Boutique Chatbot application and how it can transform your boutique’s sales and operations, visit or contact Yathu Kanagaratnam via