Italian denimwear REIV SS15 collection

REIV is the Italian denimwear brand that aims to knock the US off its perch as the go-to country for denim.

Designer Rosa Chiara Nuzzaci delivers her collection with a hands-on approach, ensuring every detail, in every design, uses all natural fibres and is approved, worn and tested to her personal standards.

REIV, pronounced ‘rave’, is an expression of passion and hard work, both of which Rosa learnt from her aunt, Giuseppina Albeno – a famous and skillful Italian dressmaker who opened her tailoring services in Laverno, Solento, back in 1923.

For Spring/Summer 2015, the collection consists of five fits: High-Life Regular, Fuseaux, Push-Up, Flared, and Skinny. All fabrics have been carefully selected to ensure the best possible fit, while colours range from classic indigo to khaki and white.

This collection was also influenced by Nazzuci’s passion for mosaic, the ancient art form that her home of Salento is famous for. Mosaic details are scattered over waistbands and pockets, as well as in patterns across the accompanying casualwear and tops in the collection.

The brand would like to hear from boutiques with a younger consumer who are interested in the collection from now up until the middle of September.

Approx £40-£55 + VAT; Tel: 0333 355