Jalabiyé: The first eco-responsible high-end brand designed for modern and spiritual woman

Jalabiyé is the first eco-responsible high-end brand designed for modern and spiritual woman. In FW18/19 our concept is Ethnical & Sophisticated. You will find earth colours and sophisticated tones. In Jalabiyé they believe that in order to be connected to the soul, one needs to be connected to nature. Therefore, the majority of our fabrics in our collections are always from natural fibres. This season, their garments are made from cashmere, wool, silk and cotton.

Jalabiyé have used hand knitted accessories made by woman in need. Their priority is to create jobs for economically disadvantaged woman and Syrian refugees. All their production is transparent and can be monitored by our customers. They pay our producers fair and on time.

Jalabiyé was built by a Turkish entrepreneur with the collaboration of a French designer in Istanbul. Their founder’s purpose is not only to create a fashion brand, but also to create a platform of tolerance between woman of different religions and backgrounds. Therefore, their designs are rooted in modest fashion but expands towards European fashion.

Jalabiyé are exhibiting at Pure London, stand number: Pure PREMIUM F-58

Contact Information:

+44 7736 542022