Jewellery brand Zsiska launches exclusive collection with Dame Prue Leith

Zsiska has created a new handmade resin jewellery collection in collaboration with British Bake Off Star Dame Prue Leith. The exclusive range encompasses 224 pieces across five different collections named after Greek Goddesses. Each offers vibrant coloured necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets with retail prices ranging from £36 to £209.

The brand, created by Dutch jewellery designer Siska Schippers in Thailand, says the collection perfectly encapsulates Prue’s love of vibrant and unique jewellery. “All my long life I’ve collected necklaces from all over the world,” says Prue. “But when I got to know Zsiska, my obsession took a new turn. Arranging coloured beads in original ways is huge fun, and we decided we’d make a Prue collection.”

To create the pieces, beautiful beads are poured, painted, polished, connected and packed by hand using a rare two – three step painting and coating process, making each piece of jewellery truly unique.

The Prue by Zsiska collection will be available for buyers to order at Scotland’s Trade Fair (20-21 August), Autumn Fair (3-6 September) and Top Drawer (10-12 September). For more information about stocking the range E:

Prue by Zsiska collection


The Aphrodite collection features freshwater pearls suspended and encapsulated in a clear layer of resin, combined with Zsiska’s classic cubes in jewel-tones. Prue says: “I think the combination of freshwater pearls and modern electric-hued beads is stunning.”


Calypso is inspired by the shape of chilli peppers and special pigments are used to give the colours their deep rich hues. Each bead is heavily polished until it shines. Prue says: “I love the hot chilli colours and unusual organic shapes. I never wear a Calyso without people remarking on it!”


Every bead in the chic Diana collection is hand-painted with metallic pigments, then coated with very thin layer of clear resin for a radiant finish. “I think the triple cord, deep colours and gleaming finish give Diana such a cool look,” says Prue.  


The Minerva collection is characterised by horizontal beads creating an architectural ladder effect with each of the accented beads hand-painted with metallic pigment to give subtle shimmering effects and coated with a thin layer of resin to enhance its radiance. “The ladder effect of the stacked beads looks great – stylish and with Japanese influences,” says Prue.


In Persephone, hand-polished cabochon beads are intricately strung together. The exaggerated concave shape of the beads reflects light beautifully giving the beads a subtle glowing effect. Prue says: “I remember randomly pushing these super shiny beads together, and they looked so great we kept them like that.”