Jewellery made from deer tusks launches in Harvey Nichols

The first collection from British brand Jorie went on sale yesterday in Harvey Nichols. Shoppers can find the brand in the recently refurbished fine jewellery section on the ground floor.

The Culachy Collection – named after The Culachy Estate in Fort Augustus, Scotland – is the debut fine jewellery collection by designer, Jorie Grassie.

Traditional materials

Jorie uses deer tusks and precious stones to create stunning limited edition items of jewellery. The methods used are a revived interpretation of an ancient craft that gives each piece a unique identity that expresses a feature of the Highlands.

Retail prices for the Culachy Collection start at around £500 for single-tusk pieces and rise to an incredible £63,500 for a choker featuring 250 tumble-cut diamonds.

This is an amazing example of designers using unique and beautiful materials to create stunning works of art that can brighten any outfit.

Scottish law requires the ethical culling of red highland deer to manage the population and allow it to flourish, so all tusks used by Jorie are a by-product of this necessary stalking.

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