Konplott / Miranda Konstantindou introduce AW 14 collection

Miranda Konstantinidou is once again wowing us all with her AW 14 collection for Konplott.

Opulence is very much on trend this coming season and Konplott’s new collection is without doubt a no holds barred approach to adornment. Oversized statement jewellery contributes to this look with stone encrusted jewels, rich deep coloured stones and lavish detailing. The new necklace bar brings innovation and will update the neckline.

Nature inspires this winter too.  ‘Queen of Elves’ in its earthy tones fits perfectly. Wing shaped metals are adorned with deep ruby gems in an almost baroque style. Fingers are bedecked with an array of designs and pendants feature heavily from simple single chains to more lavish necklace collars.

Elsewhere in the collection you will discover everything from statement pieces to the more chic classics with an inspirational array of jewellery.

The AW14 collection is now available to view. If you would like to make an appointment to see the collection please contact:-

Penny Seward
Sales Manager
Konplott/Miranda Konstantinidou
T: 01304 224288
E: seward@konplott.com
W: konplott.com