This season Spanish label Lavand focuses on a unique and eclectic woman who brings out the best of everything she knows and combines it to create it something original. This eclectic woman doesn’t limit herself when dressing because she is always looking for a unique style through the combination of garments and different styles that eventually set a trend. Each garment is a canvas that reflects the golden tones of the sun in the sand, the emerald of the depths of the sea, cooler shades that evoke the sunsets at paradisiacal islands and more vibrant tones inspired by exotic fruits. This palette is represented in garments that combine classic and versatile cuts with bold, vibrant prints for the spring and the summer, transmitting the premise of an eclectic collection. As always the brand enlists elegant and feminine silhouettes that are ideal for women who enjoy expressing their personality and style through their garments. The collection conveys a tropical sprit with joy and originality that combines with Lavand’s elegance to reflect the eclecticism as a philosophy of life.

CONTACT: Tel: 0203 432 6385