Looking for a new EPoS system? Here’s why a specialist fashion solution makes sense

Retailers usually purchase an EPOS system to process sales more quickly, run reports and make stock management tasks more efficient. However, as systems vary greatly in features and structure, retail owners can find their entire working lives completely revolutionised as soon as they move to more specialist software.

Built for purpose: rather than just listing product variants, fashionwear specialist EPOS systems such as Top to Toe will display your stock and sales in clear, intuitive size and colour matrix grids. Product creation, stock entry and reporting all becomes super quick and very clear.

Keep in touch: more than just a ‘till system’, fashionwear EPOS allows retailers to take essential customer information and data to create personalised marketing campaigns.

Reach a wider audience: a modern fashionwear EPOS system allows retailers to upload product content and images to your own website, eBay, Amazon and more – helping you reach new audiences without leaving the system.

Top to Toe Fashionwear EPOS ticks all the boxes as well as benefitting from unique technology that isn’t found elsewhere on the market. Contact the team to book an online walkthrough to transform your business.

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