Masai unveils new logo and expansion plan

The Masai Clothing Company has begun a “major strategic overhaul” with the unveiling of a new logo design and creative team. The Danish womenswear brand has updated its logo to include the word Copenhagen while also welcoming Lene Louderback at creative director and Christina Strunge as international head of marketing.

CEO Sune Bjerregaard says the move is in line with the brand’s plan for international growth: “Doors are opening for us in the US and we also have a massive presence in the UK. We have a strong customer base in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, and we sense it is time to add one of the cornerstone values of our work to our logo: the fact that we’re from Copenhagen and that Danish design is part of our DNA.”

Led by Louderback, Masai’s design team will continue to focus on the uniqueness of Danish design as well as its own core values. “We always work from six basic shapes, so that women don’t need to limit themselves but can feel free and beautiful in the clothes they wear. We take the trouble to make the design relevant to the individual; this is a uniquely Danish approach to design – we are Danish in our DNA, because Danish design is all about bringing together beauty and functionality. That’s why our logo also serves to emphasise not only our design philosophy but also how our customers perceive us, no matter whether they encounter us with a Masai retailer, in a Masai store or in the Masai webshop.”

Christina Strunge, newly appointed international head of marketing, explains that Masai is much more than a fashion brand. “Masai is a lifestyle brand. We appeal to women who are very specific in their personal style and idiom; it’s more about what suits them than about following a trend. These women display curiosity and openness in their approach to life, and they use the clothes they wear as a means of expressing an identity. Our role is to accompany them as a companion to creative living.”

Masai supplies its collection to 1,500 stockists in 25 countries and also operates 37 standalone stores in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. It entered the US market in August 2016 and increased its turnover by 5 per cent in 2017/18.