Maternity collection from Mothermoods


Shortly after Patriya Muneepeerakul gave birth to her first child, the idea for the stylish maternity clothing brand that she had thought about almost every day of her pregnancy (when she was not thinking about health, nutrition, and her baby) started to become reality.

“Before my pregnancy I loved fashion and I loved looking good! In fact I still did, despite my growing bump and the changes in my looks when I had a baby growing inside me. And like most of the ideas that get stuck in the back of my head, I just had to make it happen.”

Being mums themselves, Patriya and her team of pattern makers and seamstresses know from first-hand experience that when they make something for mummy-to-be, it must make them feel pretty and comfortable.

Providing they have the fabric, if you see a design in the collection you love and it either isn’t it in stock or you want it a little wider at the hips or longer in the sleeves for example, just ask!

Most of the garments can be worn after your pregnancy too. Patriya believes that money is spent wisely if it is spent on something that you can cherish for longer than nine months.

“All in all I am happy making mommies happy because I truly believe that happy mommies make happy babies!”

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