Matt & Nat opens first flagship store in Canada

Eco-friendly accessory label Matt and Nat has opened its first-ever flagship retail store in the Carrefour Laval shopping center, located in Laval, Quebec.

The launch is the first step of the Canadian brand’s goals to expand its retail market and is designed to complement both its e-commerce and wholesale business.

With details of reclaimed wood, the design of the store represents the brand’s sustainable and eco-friendly beliefs. Born out of an appreciation for the great outdoors and values of social responsibility, due in no little part to the designers’ origins in the green but cosmopolitan city of Montreal, the label lives by the motto ‘Live Beautifully’.

The brand is forever committed to not using leather or any other animal based materials in its designs and each season explores and utilises innovative ways to improve its sustainable and eco-friendly ways, while still producing high- quality and timeless products. Since 2007, it has been committed to using linings made of 100 per cent recycled plastic bottles.