Maximise sales this holiday season with Barron McCann’s free checklist

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With the festive shopping season already making tills ring across the UK, it’s vital for retailers to ensure their IT systems are up to scratch to maintain high levels of service and greater sales and revenue during this busiest time.

Currently, there are two types of maintenance and repair support provided to the retail sector; that provided directly through the manufacturer, usually as an added service; and that provided by an independent service support company. Whichever provision they have in place, IT specialist Barron McCann is advising retailers to double check that the level of service they have in place will meet their needs for Christmas and, if not, to make changes to ensure they reach, or even exceed, all their targets during the season.

To help retailers understand exactly what is needed to optimise performance during this year’s Christmas period, Barron McCann has created a simple checklist to follow. The checklist is free and available to download from