Monsoon to unveil 50 per cent sustainable collection for SS20

British high street multiple Monsoon has announced plans to make ‘significant sustainability improvements on its SS20 collections,’ with over 50 per cent of its garments to be fully sustainable alongside the launch of a 90 per cent sustainable beachwear collection. 

Its commitments include an increase in use of organic cotton to 70 per cent, jersey to 70 per cent, recycled polyester in its knitwear to 50 per cent and an increase in its use of viscose to 65 per cent. The brand will also be increasing the sustainability of its childrenswear beach products to 65 per cent. 

In addition to the above commitments, Monsoon has made a long term pledge that will see all of their clothing ranges become over 90 per cent sustainable by 2023.

Sustainability has always been at the heart of Monsoon’s business and with each new season, the brand seeks to introduce new and innovative ways to reduce Monsoon’s environmental footprint and have a positive impact for future generations. 

Monsoon’s first ever collection was made in Indian villages using hand-loomed cotton fabrics, organic vegetable dyes and artisanal block-printing techniques. As Monsoon transformed into a global brand, environmental concerns and commitments to ethical trading remained important and at the forefront of the brand’s decisions. Along with making an active effort to do the right thing for the people who make their clothes, Monsoon is committed to reducing its environmental impact.