New music streaming service launches “to take hassle out of licensing for small businesses”

Averie Woodard on Unsplash

A new music streaming service has arrived in the UK promising to cut business costs for independent retailers. Rehegoo’s new platform and app includes over one million full-licensed tracks recorded by undiscovered artists that can be used as background music. Its catalogue is updated daily and covers a range of ambiance-boosting genres from relaxing tunes to party music and pop.

Businesses can opt for a free trial to test the service before making a financial commitment while its annual plans start from £10 per device per month.

Rehegoo says its service “takes the hassle out of music licensing through a competitively-priced monthly subscription.” It provides regularly refreshed, royalty-free music to businesses to help “engage audiences, increase sales and solve the legal complexities surrounding illegal music streaming.” It also supports the next generation of independent talent in getting their music heard.

Rehegoo’s subscription packages

According to a recent survey conducted by Rehegoo, 81 per cent of UK-based retail owners say they are aware of licensing fees that are required to play music on site but just 31 per cent of those say they use a business streaming account. Separate research by DJS showed 91 per cent of retail managers and business owners either agreed or strongly agreed that playing music makes customers and staff happier.

Rehegoo founder and CEO Marco Rinaldo comments: “Our new streaming services are designed to take the hassle out of music licensing for businesses and creators while providing a platform for the next generation of music talent to get their music heard by a global audience. We want to challenge the traditional, and often unfair, processes within the music streaming industry by putting artists first, helping them build their profiles and ensuring they get paid fairly for their work. It means that whether you’re an artist, business, brand, or creator, we can all focus on the thing that matters the most: the music.”

Rehegoo is currently working with global brands including Timberland, New Balance and Damiani to provide in-store music solutions for their retail destinations.