NYC urban eco-label Rosel – Autumn / Holiday 2014 collection

Rosel is the sustainable womenswear label from the New York that blends urban designs with a retro flavour and ethical manufacturing for a stylish take on eco fashion.

Designer Juliane Camposano is a mother, skater, skier, surfer and ice climber and so it is follows that the line has a sporty aesthetic, with inspiration taken from the subtle glamour of 60s and 70s American sportswear.

Camposano founded the label to meet a gap in the cool-girl luxury market for consciously designed, sourced and manufactured apparel.

“My desire is to positively impact the environment and the people that make the collection, as well as those that wear it,” explains  Camposano. “One needn’t have to choose between doing good and looking great.”

The collection is made primarily with sustainable materials, such as 100 per cent organic wool and alpaca, organic denim and cotton, recycled silk, and sustainably sourced leather. Pieces that are made in the States or South America are all fair trade, while those made elsewhere help to support local community programs abroad.

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